It is well known that excessive exposure to the sun can be damaging to your skin.   The relationship with skin cancer or a more serious form called malignant melanoma to excessive sun tanning can be prevented by using protective lotions with the proper UVA and UVB protection that block the harmful UV Rays. 

The serious disease of malignant melanoma doesn’t happen after one or two sessions in the sun, either tanning or simply doing outside activities.  The damage can occur as exposed areas of your skin are continually subjected to the harmful UV light rays.  Also, damaging effects of the sun may not even begin to show for 15 to 23 years.  That amount of sun damage can be very severe and even deadly.

One important note to remember is that it’s not only important to use skin protection when the sun is shining.  Cloudy days can produce the same damaging rays as a beautiful sunny day.

Some symptoms of sun damage may not even appear on the surface of your skin.  Because there are two layers to your skin, known as the epidermis (the layer that contains melanin and causes skin to have color) and the dermis (the inner layer of the skin), damage often starts on the outer surface which affects the ability of the epidermis to protect your body, like the neck, arm, legs and back.  Because the top layer of the skin can be weakened by constant exposure to dangers UV rays, some symptoms of cancer may surface as a sore, lump under the skin or even a scaly rough skin surface.

The symptoms on the inner layer (or dermis) are usually found in people with light colored skin since they are prone to generally spend more time sun tanning.  This is why melanoma is more common in people with light skin.  It is important to remember that melanoma is a more severe case of skin disease where malignant cells invade the normal cells that protect the skin (melanocytes).  Maintaining the most effective protection can prevent these serious skin diseases.

The good news for everyone is that skin cancer and malignant melanomas can be overcome if detected early.  Surgery may be necessary if the malignant area is small.  However, there are cases where cancerous cells have spread which diminish the chance of surviving this disease.

The best way to prevent any form skin damage is to remember outdoor safety and protection from the dangers of the sun.  For more information on how you can safely protect your skin and prevent malignant melanomas or other skin problems, visit to see all of the information and many products offered to enable you to enjoy your time in the sun.