Sun Protection Travel Umbrella Makes Perfect Christmas Gift

December 03, 2009

It’s that time of year where many are seeking out the perfect Christmas gift. A UV Travel Umbrella from UV-Blocker is such a gift that also offers health benefits to all your loved ones. After searching all over the country for a Sun Protection Umbrella, I found the best at UV-Blocker.

The quality UV Protection Compact Travel Umbrella offers the highest UV protection and quality of any other umbrella on the market. It provides 55+ UPF (Ultra Protection Factor) rating and blocks 99% of the sun’s harmful UV Rays. These umbrellas are made of a specially treated Solartech fabric which reflects most of the sun’s dangerous UV Rays while keeping you up to 15 degrees cooler in the strongest sunlight.

The #1 Patented Vented Mesh System lets the wind pass between the upper and lower canopies, making the UV-Blocker umbrellas very stable during high winds. This prevents inversion and makes this a great umbrella for wind and rain as well.

The UV Travel Umbrella is as portable as it is functional. It offers the health benefits that are a vital part of the fight against skin cancer. It also has a patented design the resists sun damage and works perfectly in the wind and rain as well. This UV Travel Umbrella is very easy to use and light enough to fit into a carry-on bag or suitcase. So, it is the perfect umbrella to take along on all types of travel.

Buyers need to be aware of cheap imitations to promise to deflect the sun’s damaging rays. The UV Travel Umbrellas offered by UV-Blocker are tested and proven to offer protection to the sun’s harmful rays and work the best in preventing skin damage, including dangerous skin cancer. UV-Blocker also offers a one year money back guarantee if their UV Travel Umbrellas do not live up to their specifications.

To purchase the perfect gift for all of your family and friends this year, visit and see all of the many products they offer that provide the best protection from the sun.

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