Beach Umbrella Rental on Sanibel Island

Beach Umbrella Rental on Sanibel Island

In addition to its sunsets, lighthouse, and magnificent resorts, Sanibel Island, located just a short drive from Fort Myers, is well-known for its easygoing lifestyle. Sanibel Island and its adjacent cays draw a diverse range of vacationers, from everyday beach-goers to celebrities and other high-profile visitors.

Sanibel Island is the only destination you'd want to escape to during summer vacation because of its extensive animal preserves, lush mangroves, world-class tarpon fishing, spectacular seashells, and golf courses. It's a great spot for everyone who enjoys the beach, the ocean, and the laid-back atmosphere of an island.

sanibell island beach umbrella rental

All that aside, you must not forget to take care of yourself! It's completely understandable if the first thing you'd want to do upon reaching this magnificent island is to hit the beach. Still, you must keep in mind all the negative effects of the scorching hot summer sun on your skin and make preparations accordingly.

If you, like many other tourists before you, have forgotten your beach umbrella, then don't fret! We've listed down all the places you can rent beach equipment and enjoy your day in the sun to the fullest.

Sanibel Rental Service

Operating since 1988, Sanibel Rental Service, Inc. is a family-owned and run company that provides rental services on the Sanibel and Captiva Islands in Florida. Randy and Jennifer Faber are committed to ensuring that your family has access to the greatest rental equipment available. They ensure that you get what you need when you need it most. Once your order has been verified, you can relax and enjoy your vacation on the lovely islands of Sanibel and Captiva without having to worry about your rental equipment.

To make reservations, call (239) 472-5777 or visit them at 2246 Periwinkle Way, Sanibel, FL 33957

Billy's Rental

The owners of Billy's Rentals, Billy and Salli Kirkland, have been running their business for well over 30 years. The duo has specialized in everything fun under the sun on Sanibel and Captiva Islands. They have a passion for sharing their knowledge, equipment, and expertise to make your visit to Sanibel and Captiva Islands the right experience for you.

Contact them today to get all you need to make your vacation the best one yet! You can call (239) 472-5248 or visit them at one of their shops in Sanibel, FL.

Finnimore's Bike & Beach Rentals

Why overpay when you have Finnimore?! Visit this amazing beach equipment rental to find incredibly low-priced items available at hourly pricing that ranges from 4 hours to a month! If you want to relax on the white sandy beaches and soak up the sun, there are easily accessible rentals that include everything from beach chairs to lounge chairs, umbrellas and boogie/skimboards. Don't forget to check out the kid's section as well.

Finnimore's Bike & Beach Rentals is open seven days a week from 9 am to 5 pm, so call them today at (239) 472-5577 and make a reservation.

FAQs About Beach Umbrella Rentals at Sanibel Island

Are umbrellas easily available at Sanibel Island?

If you're renting a beach condo, the facility will likely have those items available to use in your unit. Otherwise, you can always make reservations at a rental shop for any beach equipment you need and have them delivered to your location in Sanibel.

What is the beach like on Sanibel Island?

The beaches are man-made islands designed to support the causeway connecting Sanibel to Fort Myers. The beaches are wonderful for sunbathing and reading under a sun beach umbrella.

Can I bring my own umbrella to the beach in Sanibel?

Of course! You can bring your own umbrella (if you don't mind hauling it around) and set it up anywhere you want, but remember to take it back before sunset.

A Few Fun Things to Do While at Sanibel Island

sanibell island beach

Visit Bowman's Beach

Bowman's is noted for its stunning, rare shells, but you'll have to look hard to discover the actual gems. Recent visitors discovered the ideal approach is to wade in waist-deep water and dig your feet into the sand. The beach is extremely popular for its great shelling and wide sands that allow tourists to select their own areas easily. Several enjoy bringing their bikes here, citing the nearby trail as an easy ride.

Discover Captiva Island

Sanibel and its eccentric little sister island, Captiva, are sometimes mistaken for one another. True, they're both peaceful retreats with beautiful beaches, but there are a few distinctions; Sanibel's beaches have more shells, but Captiva's restaurants are more varied. Driving up Sanibel Captiva Road and over the Blind Pass Bridge, which connects the two islands, is the only way to get to Captiva Island from Sanibel.

Go On a Shoreline Treasure Hunt

Because of the islands' unusual geographic location, dazzling colored shells wash ashore every day, making the region a shell collector's dream. For only $8, you can get an in-depth, waterproof, illustrated guide to the area's shells and where to find them. Sanibel & Captiva Shells and Beach Life will help you have the best seashell-collecting experience of your life.

sanibell island beach seashells

Where to Stay in Sanibel

Sanibel Island doesn't have any huge chain hotels or high-rise buildings like most Florida beaches. Some of the more intimate and attractive local establishments to consider include the Sanibel Moorings Resort, West Wind Inn, and Sundial Beach Resort and Spa all of which are located on Sanibel.

Where to Dine in Sanibel  

Restaurateurs and chefs from all around the globe have flocked to Sanibel Island to contribute their own culinary styles to the island's melting pot. You'll find some of the most delectably innovative cuisine anywhere. Whatever your preference, you'll find culinary delights to suit your palate, reflecting this tropical paradise's flavorful character. Some honorable mentions include Traditions on the Beach, George & Wendy's Sanibel Seafood Grille, and Keylime Bistro.

Final Takeaway

Sanibel Island is where to go if you want a quirky, unusual, and peaceful beach holiday. However, this paradise isn't known for its discounts — resort fees, for example, may be excessive – so it's worth doing some research prior to booking your flight. Keep a lookout for special deals, and book and pay in advance to get the best rates. Summer is the cheapest time to visit the islands in the vicinity but be warned that temperatures can rise significantly throughout those months. Do remember to pack all your skin protection gear. Happy traveling!

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