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I never thought I needed a sun umbrella. Then last week went to a outdoor jazz concert and got sunburned for the first time ever. Since there are more outdoor activities to go to before winter sets in I came home and immediately began looking for some protection. When I came upon this site I stopped looking and ordered I was happy with the look of the umbrella and now my mother wants one, I will hopefully never get sunburned again using this product.

Heather T.

I'm so happy with my UV Blocker Umbrella and Sand Anchor that I just can't wait for my Saturdays at the beach. I've been fighting skin cancer for a couple of years now, but having my umbrella allows me to spend time with friends and I still get to play a few games of volleyball here on Kauai. Several friends have asked about both products and will place their orders soon. Thanks for making such an awesome umbrella and anchor. Mahalo

Bernard Verkaaik

I have Roseacea and need to keep the sun OFF of my face, and just putting sunblock on isn't enough. Other umbrellas kept some of the sun off my face, but not enough. My face would still break out, and become BRIGHT red. I also wasn't much cooler under a regular umbrella. The Large Uv-blocker umbrella is WONDERFULL! We are having a record summer for sun and heat. I can now go outside for a walk and know that I am not going to end up looking like a lobster!
The larger one helps keep more of the sun off me, so I can stay cool. Since I am cooler, I dont have to wait until late at night to go for a walk.  Yes the umbrella is heavier than a smaller one, but I don't notice the extra weight, because it is usually resting on my shoulder. This is also the most well built umbrella that I have ever owned. I am sure that I will have MANY years of good use out of it. Thanks for making such a wonderful umbrella!!

Sharon W.

My daughter has mitochondrial disease and is extremely sensitive to temperature changes, especially heat. Summer time means almost always needing to stay in air conditioning. I was searching for a parasol for her when I came upon the UV-Blocker site. This golf umbrella looked like it might have potential. Well potential doesn't come anywhere close to how useful and amazing this UV-Blocker really is! We can clamp this umbrella on to her wheelchair and it offers cooling shade not only to her but to me pushing. We both have very fair skin and have to be constantly conscious of the sun's harmful effects. Being protected under the umbrella feels so much cooler and we are now able to enjoy being outside more. Thank you for a wonderful product with a very reasonable price! I also purchased the smaller travel size UV-Blocker so we can always have this protection with us. Thank you for making our lives a little easier.

Cindy Sabbag