UV-Blocker Stick Umbrella Dimensions

What is the difference between the Fashion and the Golf UV Umbrellas?

The Fashion UV Umbrella has a graceful design. A push of a button quickly opens the umbrella to provide broader coverage while affording more excellent stability from the crook handle. You can use this umbrella whether you decide to go on a small outing or enjoy the outdoors. It is mainly focused on the umbrella's design and appearance other than the protection from UV rays.

The Golf UV Umbrellas have a larger 62" or 68" canopy that keeps your head where it should be out of the sun and into the game. Plus a nice comfortable Pro-Grip handle. This umbrella is used when you will be out in scorching heat and want to be protected from the sun mainly. It is not for small outings as you need to be out in the game of heat to use this umbrella.

UV-Blocker Fashion Sun Umbrella

UV-Blocker Golf Sun Umbrella

UV-Blocker Large Golf Sun Umbrella
Comparison Chart:

  Fashion Umbrella Golf Umbrella 68" Golf Umbrella
Arc Size: 48 inches 62 inches 68 inches
Weight: 1 lb. 6oz. 2 lb. 2oz. 2 lb. 6oz.
Folded Down: 35 inches 39 inches 42 inches
Diameter: 41 inches 53 inches 58 inches
Shaft Length: 35 inches 36 inches 39 inches
Handle: Crook Pro-Grip Pro-Grip