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The UV-Blocker has received the Melanoma International Foundation
Seal of Approval each year since 2011.

What Leading Dermatologists Are Saying About the UV-Blocker Umbrella.


Dermatologists understand better than anyone the damaging effects the sun can have on the skin, the severity of which can range from simple sunburn to a severe diagnosis of skin cancer. To better protect their patients, some of the nation’s leading skincare medical professional shave recommended the UV-Umbrella. They find that the level of protection this umbrella provides will help keep patients and their families safe from the effects of skin-damaging UV rays.

Dr. David A. Kasper - Dermatologist

“My patients routinely ask me about other UV-protective options besides sunscreen and sun avoidance. Now, I have another fantastic option for my patients. Being a UV-Blocker umbrella user myself, this travel umbrella has many purposes besides rain protection. I highly recommend the UV-Blocker umbrella to you and your family for its compactness, ease of use and storage, durability, coolness, and most importantly, its sun protection against skin cancer and premature aging.”

Dr. David A. Kasper, DO

Dermatology & Skin Cancer Institute
Lansdale, PA

My name is Dr. Andrea Buck, and I am a board-certified dermatologist who has been in practice for almost 30 years.

With the rise of skin cancers and especially the potentially lethal rise in melanoma it is essential to practice good and adequate sun protection. Of course, this involves the use of adequate sunscreens but also the use of really good uv protective umbrellas.

I have had the good fortune to have used many of the UV-Blocker umbrellas sold on this web site. I have personally used them for years and have recommended them for all my patients. They provide fantastic uv protection.

They are light, transportable and the customer service is second to none. If you purchase any one of the products on this site, you will not be disappointed and you will get great uv protection. They also make great gifts.

Dr. Andrea S. Buck, DO
Board-Certified Dermatologist
Burlington County Dermatology
Medford NJ

Dr. Andrea S. Buck Dermatologist
Dr. Aradhna Saxena - MD
“An all-to-common result of exposure to the sun is actinic keratosis. Usually affecting older adults, it can develop on the face, lips, ears, back of hands, forearms, scalp, and neck. The rough, scaly skin patch enlarges slowly and can eventually become cancerous. The UV-Blocker umbrella is one of the most effective defenses against this type of sun damage on the market today. I highly recommend it to patients who spend time outdoors in sunny conditions.”

Dr. Aradhna Saxena, MD
Dermatology & Skin Cancer Institute
Fort Washington, PA

Customers Agree… The UV-Blocker Umbrella Is a Difference Maker in Their Lives.

Based upon the recommendations of their dermatologists and their research, people have made the UV-Blocker the accessory of choice when heading out to the beach, a soccer match, or a backyard barbecue. They love the peace of mind knowing that their umbrella is providing the highest level of protection from the sun’s damaging rays.

"Excellent! I bought it because my dermatologist said that sunscreen is not enough protection. It is actually cooler underneath and even though lightweight, is well made and sturdy. It is everything I wanted and more! Love it!"

Hope B. - UV-Blocker Travel Umbrella Customer

"I'm very fair-skinned, burn easily, and am on a couple of medications that require me to limit sun exposure. The UV Umbrella is a great solution! My dermatologist was delighted to hear about the UV Umbrella during a recent checkup."

Donna W. - UV-Blocker Travel Umbrella Customer

"I have had several skin cancers removed in my life. I was pleased to have the beach Umbrella w/ me at my most recent vacation. I was able to stay on the beach for a longer time. I have no signs of sunburn. The temperature of the beach was 90 but sitting underneath the umbrella felt much cooler by at least ten degrees. thank you again for the chance to purchase something that obviously has improved my ability to enjoy the beach more."

Lyn B. - UV-Blocker Beach Umbrella Customer

"The umbrella works great to provide shade in the sun. The company responded quickly to my question about the product and demonstrated its strong commitment to its customers and product warranty. I had melanoma successfully removed 10 years ago and rely on products like this to stay cancer free."

Carol N. - UV-Blocker Travel Umbrella Customer

"It's changed my life! I live in sunny Kelowna British Columbia. I have had lots of skin cancer and the last one was a huge surgery on my nose. Hats make me feel hot and uncomfortable. The UV-Blocker umbrella is wonderful."

Emme - British Columbia - UV-Blocker Travel Umbrella Customer

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