UV-Blocker Stick Umbrella Dimensions

What is the difference between the Fashion and the Golf UV Umbrellas?

The Fashion UV Umbrella has a graceful in design, a push of a button quickly opens the umbrella to provide wider coverage while affording greater stability from the crook handle.

The Golf UV Umbrella has a larger 62" or 68" canopy that keeps your head where it should be out of the sun and into the game. Plus a nice comfortable Pro-Grip handle.

Umbrella Size
Comparison Chart:

  Fashion Umbrella Golf Umbrella 68" Golf Umbrella
Arc Size: 48 inches 62 inches 68 inches
Weight: 1 lb. 6oz. 2 lb. 2oz. 2 lb. 6oz.
Folded Down: 35 inches 39 inches 42 inches
Diameter: 41 inches 53 inches 58 inches
Shaft Length: 35 inches 36 inches 39 inches
Handle: Crook Pro-Grip Pro-Grip