UV-Blocker Beach Umbrella Dimensions

When on vacation, golfing or strolling on the beach, our folding umbrella is a portable solution to protect you from overheating, getting your eyes burned or any skin damage.

What is the difference between the UV-Blocker Personal Beach and the Large Beach Umbrella?

The UV Protection Personal Beach Umbrella has a sleek, patented, and portable design will protect you from sun damage (UPF 55+), wind, and heat. Enjoy the sand and surf in safety and comfort with your portable beach umbrella!

The UV Protection Large Beach UV Umbrella has the same features and the personal size but the canopy is a larger 7.5-foot canopy and has increased the strength and durability of the fiberglass ribs and pole.

Both models have:

  • 55+ UPF rating providing highest UV protection sun umbrella available
  • Patented double canopy design with vented mesh system for optimum ventilation and stability lets the wind pass between the upper and lower canopies, keeping you 15 degrees cooler.
  • Fiberglass Ribs and Spreaders for more flexibility which will not kink
  • Water repellent durable nylon Solarteck fabric
  • Silver color on the outside to reflect UV rays
  • Cool blue on the underside to absorb UV rays
  • Durable black Dacron 600D carrying case with carrying strap

UV-Blocker 6 Foot Beach Umbrella

UV-Blocker 7.5 Foot Beach Umbrella
Comparison Chart:

  Personal Beach Umbrella Large Beach Umbrella
Arc Size: 6 foot 7.5 feet
5 lbs. 4 oz.
7 lbs. 8 oz.
Pole Size: 1.25 inch 1.5 inch
Folded Down: 45 inches 55 inches
Diameter: 67 inches 88 inches
Pole Length: 7 feet 7 feet
Tilt Yes No